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Dangerous Places for Cats PDF Print E-mail

cat_fireplaceHome is where the cat is. And in a home with a feline occupant, the cat is everywhere, including nooks and crannies that the human residents may not have even known existed. Thus, you need to make sure that your multi-species domicile is safe for kitty, so she can play, primp, and purr in peace—and you can have peace of mind.

This article focuses on many—though not all—common locations in homes that are likely to pose risks to cats. By being aware of these danger spots and knowing how to make them safer and/or prevent your cat’s access to them, you can help keep your feline companion healthy and happy in her indoor territory.


A cat reposing by the fireplace is a classic and relaxing scene. Keep it that way by always having a sturdy screen around the fireplace. Never leave kittens unsupervised in a room where there is a fire going.


Do not leave the stove unattended when in use.

Kitchen Counter

To a cat, the kitchen counter beckons. It’s elevated, it may have interesting foods available for sampling, it’s often near a window, and a favorite human may be stationed there. But kitchen counters may also be fraught with dangers: many foods that are fine for humans are harmful to cats; there may be knives on the counter; the counter may be adjacent to the stove—and you don’t want your cat to get into the habit of venturing over to the stove area even if it is off.

For feline-and human-approved solutions to keeping cats off kitchen counters, see “How to Keep Your Cat off the Kitchen Counter”.


Do a quick scan of the refrigerator before closing the door, especially if your cat has been known to jump inside to investigate. Note that kittens may be harder to spot because of their small size, and more likely to check out the refrigerator contents due to their hyper-curiosity.

Ironing Board

An iron on an ironing board in a house with a cat is an accident waiting to happen. Ironing boards are notoriously unsteady; all it takes is a small jostle for the iron to fall off and hit kitty. Store irons in a secure spot—not on the ironing board—when not in use. Never leave hot irons unattended.

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