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Train Your Cat To Let You Sleep PDF Print E-mail

Cats sleep sixteen hours a day—but not in a row. They take naps and wake up round the clock. Their sleeping schedule is somewhat like an infant's whereas most adult humans like to sleep through the night. So you can see the potential for conflicts. But every conflict is an opportunity for a win-win resolution.

When cats do sleep, sometimes they use your bed, or use you as a bed, because they want to be close to you. This is endearing, but some people have trouble sleeping with a cat layed out on their stomach.

So there are two issues with which this article deals: cats awake at night, making noise, and cats asleep at night, taking over the bed.

Part 1 -- Kitty's Nighttime Adventures


Half of you sleep so soundly that you don't hear the kitten stampede at 3am. Or you have a quiet, mellow cat who lets you sleep through the night. For the rest of you...

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