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How to Keep Your Cat Off the Christmas Tree PDF Print E-mail

cat_holidayCats and Christmas—such a delightful combination . . . Wishful cats eying their stockings filled with toy mice and tins of catnip. Exuberant cats running through a sea of wrapping paper. Coy cats hiding in boxes. Worn-out cats snoozing in front of the fire.

But for cats, the holiday season is also filled with hazards—from visitors who leave the front door wide open to ribbons that look inviting but can wreak havoc on the digestive system if swallowed.

The venerable Christmas tree, adorned with all its trimmings, poses its own set of dangers to cats. The reverse is also true. This article discusses how to help ensure that your cat and your Christmas tree are not a threat to each other. Let's focus first on keeping kitty at a safe distance from the tree, mainly for his own protection but also so you can enjoy your holiday without being woken by a big crash in the night.

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