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How Cats Use Their Posteriors in Friendly Body Language PDF Print E-mail

Cat posterior languageCats use practically every part of their body to communicate their intentions and impressions, including their rear ends.

Why do cats raise their hindquarters when you pet them on their lower backs?

  • It’s an infantile behavior, a vestige of when they presented that section of their bodies to their mothers, for cleaning. Our cats look at us partly as surrogate moms, whether we’re male or female.
  • By raising their backsides while being petted, cats exert slight pressure to increase the tactile pleasure from petting.
  • Some cats may appreciate—and thus try to get the most of—petting, light fingertip massage , or brushing on their lower backs since that’s a difficult area to reach when grooming.
  • The lifting action helps cats spread their scents onto “petters” via glands near the base of the cats’ tails.

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