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Why Does My Cat Drink from the Toilet? PDF Print E-mail

cat_toiletAs you are getting ready to leave the house, you head for the bathroom to grab some tissues for your pocket. Approaching the door, you hear a little slurping sound and enter to find a furry feline rear end sticking up out of the open toilet bowl.

He is drinking the toilet water. Ew! Does that taste good? Is it healthy for him? Is this the same mouth from which I get little KISSES!!???

Well, yes, probably not, and yes again.

Toilet bowl water is very attractive for most cats. The porcelain of the bowl keeps the water cooler longer than the plastic, metal, or glass water bowls we usually serve this elixir of life in.

Cats love cool water. They may be domesticated, but they were wild outdoor creatures much longer than they’ve been our indoor family members, and instincts and traits endure. Running streams and deep lakes are typically cool.

Unfortunately there are many microorganisms in a toilet bowl that are not especially healthy for cats. Bacteria are certainly not healthy for us either, and if you are in regular contact with your cat, the transfer to you is simple.

Not to mention, cleansing agents such as bleach or commercial cleaning solutions may be quite toxic to your pet.

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