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Mondo Cat Scratching Post


Quick Description:
It's BIG! It's HUGE! It's MONDO! Free shipping does not apply to this item.


Product: Mondo Cat Scratching Post

Most cat posts are made without considering what a cat really needs to scratch. They are made out of the wrong materials and are too short and too unstable. Cats don't want to scratch short, fluffy, wobbly things. They want strong, rough, and sturdy. This is why they tend to scratch at furniture. The Mondo cat scratching post is strong, sturdy, and will undoubtedly be the last brand of scratching post you will ever buy.

The Mondo is constructed with durability, usability, and stability in mind. It has a platform on top that is purrfect for your kitty to sit on and survey his surroundings (which cats LOVE, by the way).

The post of The Mondo is reversible. If you notice the upper half of the post is beginning to show its been better-loved than the bottom, you can simply take the platform off of The Mondo, reverse the post, and place the platform back on top. This will give your cat a fresh new place to sink his claws into and extend the life of The Mondo.

Fact: Sisal is a natural material (derived from the agave plant of Yucatan) with strength that far exceeds that of cotton or wool. Cats prefer it even to sisal rope because of the uninterrupted, smooth scratching texture.

Free shipping does not apply to this item.

Product Facts:

  • Individually hand-Made in the USA
  • Double-thick base for extra stability
  • Extra tall post for scratching
  • Perching area for playing, snoozing, and surveying terrain
  • Reversible post to extend the life of The Mondo
  • Scratching material is sisal fabric; a favorite for cats
  • Developed by a veterinarian

Available in two finishes:

  • Dark Finish
  • Light Finish

Available in multiple top configurations:

  • Dark Platform
  • Light Platform
  • Leopard Dark Platform
  • Leopard Light Platform
  • Leopard Bed
  • Cappuccino Bed
Fancy's Review

If you're a cat or you love a cat, you have to check out The Mondo. It's the tallest woven sisal cat scratching post available. The Mondo is handmade by local craftsmen in the USA! How cool is that? It provides endless enjoyment and variety for kitties. We cats here at the office scratch vertically and horizontally on The Mondo, and it doesn't budge. It gives us a "scratching" good workout.

Rating: 4
This post is amazing! My cat was all over it as soon as it came out of the box. I'll never get one of those messy carpet posts again.

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