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Purrfect Angle


Quick Description:
The PurrFect Angle scratcher lets your "purrfect angel" scratch in very comfortable up-slope and down-slope positions. The scratching surface is dense corrugated cardboard. Free shipping does not apply to this item.

Product: Purrfect Angle

The PurrFect Angle Scratcher allows your cat to scratch at a very comfortable and unique angle. Cats enjoy scratching much like we do yoga (actually even more so), only their novice positions are the upward-cat and downward-cat. Let them do cat yoga and tone their upper bodies through deeply satisfying with the Purrfect Angle scratcher. Easy single-step assembly.

Available in two finishes:

  • Dark Finish
  • Light Finish

Product Dimensions:

  • Angle: 21"x10"x2.5"
  • Angle stand: 7.5"x10"

Free shipping does not apply to this item.

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Rating: 5
Mika, my small cat loves to point downward and dig in to that scratching surface. Whenever she gets excited, and that's all the time, she runs over and takes it out on the Angle. But I haven't even had to replace the pad yet and it's been over a year! What a novel idea... and what a great scratching solution!

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