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Cat Grass Garden In A Bag


Quick Description:
Fresh grown cat grass for your feline friend. This convenient garden in a bag is fast, simple and delicious for your kitty.

Product: Cat Grass Garden In A Bag

A fun, convenient and fast way to provide fresh wheatgrass for your feline friend. Grown right in the bag they arrive in, your seeds will germinate in 7-10 days.

More and more cats live exclusively indoors where they must depend on their owners to provide the safe and healthy nutrients that their bodies crave.

Cat Grass Garden in a Bag provides:

  • Essential vitamins and folic acids
  • Aid cat digestion by adding roughage to their diet
  • Assistance in removing hairballs
  • Distraction from hazardous houseplants
  • Feasting in approximately 5 days after germination begins
Your cats will adore and thank you when you grow them this tasty little treat!

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