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Honeysuckle Fleece Octopus


Quick Description:
The combination of bouncy, curly legs and honeysuckle make this a winner with any kitty!

Product: Honeysuckle Fleece Octopus

Cats will love this Honeysuckle Fleece Octopus toy. The bouncy, curly legs will provide your cat with plenty of movement while the aroma of honeysuckle will add to the play experience.

Perfect for:

  • Playing hide and seek
  • Tossing around and playing fetch
  • Keeping your kitty entertained for hours
  • Exercise, when kitty is stubborn and just won't go to the gym
Fancy's Review

In honor of the 8 legs of an octopus, I’m going to name 8 special traits of this toy: softness, bounciness, cuteness, cuddliness, has attractive colors for the humans, moves in unexpected ways like my prey, is super responsive to being batted at, and contains the special kitty mood enhancer, honeysuckle. That’s almost as many endearing traits as I have; actually, we might need a second octopus to list all of those.

Rating: 5
My cat never really showed much interest in catnip but she loves this honeysuckle toy.

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