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Honeysuckle Spray


Quick Description:
A 2-ounce bottle of pure honeysuckle spray that you can use to spray on cat toys, scratching posts, and pet beds to attract your feline friends toward where you want them to go.

Product: Honeysuckle Spray

Over 4 years of intensive testing brings you a completely safe, powerfully-effective honeysuckle spray for cats. This 2-ounce bottle of honeysuckle spray provides a great alternative for those cats that are unresponsive to catnip.

Use Honeysuckle Spray for:

  • Rejuvenating old toys so your cat wants to play with them again
  • Spraying on scratching posts, pet beds, and other items that you want to attract your feline friend toward using
  • Encouraging your cat to play with new toys
Fancy's Review

I adore the stimulating aroma that comes from this mysterious formulation! It seems to wake my whiskers and tickle my nose. Whenever my cat-buddies and I smell it, we always feel like getting our play-paws out, racing around and wrestling like crazy!

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