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Catnip Carrot


Quick Description:
Ratherbee's Catnip Carrot is stuffed with 100%,super-potent catnip. No Fillers!

Product: Catnip Carrot

This organic catnip carrot contains the "World's Strongest Catnip." It's stuffed with 100% catnip; no fillers! Super potent, and sure to please even the fussiest of kitties.

Perfect for:

  • Playing hide and seek
  • Tossing around and playing fetch
  • Keeping your kitty entertained for hours
  • Exercise, when kitty is stubborn and just won't go to the gym
Fancy's Review

Rabbits aren't the only carrot lovers around. My Catnip Carrot is light enough that I can get it to zoom across the floor with one quick flick of my paw. When I catch up to it, I pounce on it with a full body slam, crunch it with my teeth, and then bat it away again. Packed with premium catnip goodness, it's a great toy to play with over and over.

Rating: 5
After getting this toy my husband and I have begun to call our cat Bugs Bunny because he is always playing with his carrot.

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