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Cheetah Chew Catnip Cat Toy


Quick Description:
Your kitty will go CRAZY for this fuzzy Cheetah Chew stuffed with the "world's strongest catnip.” And keeping your cats crazy for fun is a great way to keep them happy. So, just call this toy “A Cat’s Mental Health Bar.”

Product: Cheetah Chew Catnip Cat Toy

Your kitty will go crazy for this super-potent, catnip-filled Cheetah Chew from Ratherbee. This fun toy is stuffed with the "world's strongest catnip". It contains 100% catnip, no fillers! And it’s rugged as can be, to withstand repeated clawing and biting. Hand-made in the U.S.A., this is truly “A Cat’s Mental Health Bar.”

Perfect for:

  • Playing hide and seek
  • Tossing around and playing fetch
  • Keeping your kitty entertained for hours
  • Encouraging exercise, when kitty is stubborn and just won't go to the gym

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