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Enchantacat Sea Creatures


Quick Description:
Enchantacat Sea Creatures are plush, catnip-filled toys that your cat will love.

Product: Enchantacat Sea Creatures

Let your cat enjoy the bounty of the sea with Enchantacat Sea Creatures. Each net comes with two plush creatures from under the sea that have been filled with catnip to entice your cat to play. Styles vary; please allow us to surprise you with one upon ordering.

Perfect For:
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Tossing around and playing fetch
  • Keeping your kitty entertained for hours
  • Exercise, when kitty is stubborn and just won't go to the gym
Fancy's Review

Sometimes I'll be sprawled out on the floor (in the middle of foot traffic, of course), when suddenly an Enchatacat catnip toy floats by. I snag the magical sea creature, rub my face on it to take in its rich catnip essence, and subdue it with a few back-feet kicks to show it that I'm the boss of the world above sea-level. Enchanting, indeed.

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