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Kong Kickeroo


Quick Description:
Purr-fect for cats that love to cuddle, attack, and wrestle with their toys.

Product: Kong Kickeroo

The Kong Kickeroo is a kitty's catnip dream come true! This catnip toy is 17" of pouncing, wrestling, kicking, cuddling fun. The plush body of the Kong Kickeroo is great for cats that love to attack and chew on their toys. Its floppy, realistic tail will bring out your cat's natural instinct to stalk. This toy comes in a variety of colors, so please allow us to surprise you with one upon ordering.

Fancy's Review

The first time I saw this, I was convinced that a GIANT chipmunk had gotten into the house! I thought, "Not on my watch" and took off after it. I quickly found out that it was a toy, but it may be even more fun than a real rodent. It's big and sturdy enough for me to pounce on, bat around, grab with my teeth, and kick with my back feet. The icing on the cake? The CATNIP! And when I'm done, I carry it into my bed like a trophy and sleep on it.

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