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Purrfect Feather Bouncer™


Quick Description:
Recipient of the 2004 Editor's Choice Award from Cat Fancy magazine.

Product: Purrfect Feather Bouncer™

The Purrfect Feather Bouncer is a classic wand toy and has all of the elements cats enjoy when it comes to play. Not only will your cat love it but humans liked it too, The Purrfect Feather Bouncer was a recipient of the Editor's Choice Award by Cat Fancy Magazine in 2004.

Product Facts:

  • All Natural Feathers (food colored)
  • 8" Flex Cable for Extra Bounce
  • 18" Wand
  • Available in a varitey of colors, please let us surprise you with one

Perfect for teaching kitty to:

  • Jump
  • Chase
  • Fetch and Tackle
  • Great exercise for kitties who might be a little on the plump side

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