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Super Kitty Boinks


Quick Description:
These springy, bouncy toys will provide hours of interactive or independent play for your cat.

Product: Super Kitty Boinks

Your kitty will be entertained for hours with Super Kitty Boinks. You won't get bored, either, when you can watch your cat chase, toss, bounce, and roll the Super Kitty Boinks all over the house.

To Make Them Soar:

  • Press one into a hard surface, then release it.
  • Squeeze one between your fingers, then release it.
  • Press one into the palm of your hand, then release it.

Kitty Boinks come in a set of 5 assorted colors.

Fancy's Review

I truly thought that I had seen everything until my human brought these into our home. I have no idea what they are but they are bright and they spring like crazy! My human presses them down onto things and lets them go, and they fly around like crazy. Even when I'm playing alone, these things bounce and move in all kinds of unexpected ways when I bat at them and toss them in the air with my teeth. I guess they entertain my humans too because I had to hide them all in my stash-spot to keep them from playing Super Kitty Boinks when I wasn't even around.

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