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Atomic Treat Ball Dog Toy


Quick Description:
Our Atomic Treat Ball dispenses treats for your dog’s playtime fun!

Product: Atomic Treat Ball Dog Toy

The Atomic Treat Ball promotes play with its treat-dispensing feature.  The more your dog plays, the more rewards he will receive. It's easy to load the ball with plenty of healthy treats, and the ball is made from safe and durable thermoplastic rubber.

Available in two sizes:

  • Medium 4"
  • Large 5.25"
  • Please allow us to surprise you with a color when you order this product.

Product Benefits:

  • Promotes physical and mental alertness
  • Encourages slower eating for better digestion
  • Rewards your dog with a treat to reinforce positive play behavior
Max's Review

You would not believe what I found one day while my human was at work. This Atomic Treat Ball was on my bed! I started sniffing at it and moving it around and the best thing happened: a treat fell out! Now it keeps me busy for hours when my human has to go away. At least, I guess it's hours; it only feels like minutes when I have the Atomic Treat Ball to play with.

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