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Bad Dog Book


Quick Description:
Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? 'Bad Dog' will tell you. With over 250 pictures, each containing hilarious captions, you'll be laughing for hours.

Product: Bad Dog Book

Man's best friend, right? Think again. Behind those loving eyes lurks a very different dog. A dog with an edge. A dog with a "dark side" (quoted from the book).

  • Over 250 hilarious pictures of dogs caught being "bad"
  • Clever captions and original names to accompany each picture
  • Hours of fun for all

Fun Ideas:
When wrapping presents for holidays or birthdays try pasting a page or two from the 'bad dog' book to the box. This makes for a hysterical gift exchange and is a great way to spread the joy.

Rating: 5
My veterinarian had this book in his waiting room and after flipping through a few pages I went straight home and bought a copy for myself. It's THAT funny!

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