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Music My Pet Classical CD


Quick Description:
All of your favorite classical tracks, specifically created to calm household pets. Produced by Tom Nazziola - performer on Disney's award-winning Baby Einstein DVDs and CDs.

Product: Music My Pet Classical CD

Studies have shown that cats and dogs will relax in front of speakers playing classical music. The harp, flute, piano, and violin sounds used for this CD have been carefully selected to help create a serene listening environment for all pets.

Music My Pet Classical CD includes:

  1. No.1 in E Major Op.19, No.1 - Mendelssohn
  2. 2nd movement, Op.36, Symphony No.2 in D Major - Beethoven
  3. The Gardener - Brahms
  4. Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C Major - Bach
  5. Op.30, No.3 in E Major - Mendelssohn
  6. Stückchen, Op.68 - Schumann
  7. 1st movement, String Quartet No.14 in C# Minor, Op.131 - Beethoven
  8. Prelude, Suite No.1 in G Major for solo Cello - Bach
  9. Sonata No.3 for Piano in F Minor, Op.5 - Brahms
  10. Impromptu, Op.90, No.3 in G flat - Schubert
  11. Adagio Cantabile, Sonata Pathètique, Op.13, - Beethoven
  12. Song of the Reaper, Op.68 - Schumann
  13. ***, Op.68 - Schumann
  14. Sarabande - Alessandro Scarlatti
  15. Arabeske in C Major, Op.18 - Schumann
  16. Des Abends, Op.12 - Schumann
  17. Kleine Studie, Op.68 - Schumann
  18. Einsame Blumen, Op.82 - Schumann
  19. Etude in E Major, Op.10, No.3 - Chopin
  20. 2nd movement, Op.163, String Quintet in C Major - Schubert
  21. Op.30, No.1 in E Flat major - Mendelssohn
  22. Intermezzo, Op.118, No.2 - Brahms

*Disclaimer: The "Baby Einstein" trademark is owned by The Baby Einstein Company, LLC and the "Disney" trademark is owned by Disney Enterprises. Such entities do not endorse Music My Pet or its products, and we are using the aforementioned trademarks without such entities' permission. Publication of the trademark on these materials is in no way authorized by, associated with, or sponsored by such entities.

Fancy's Review

Sometimes I feel a little stressed out. If my humans have to be gone for longer than usual or I've been to the veterinarian, my anxiety level can get a little high. When my humans put this CD in for me, I feel much better. The music is soothing, the atmosphere is calm, and my humans seem to like it too; they sit and listen with me while they stroke my fur. Aaahhh; I feel better!

Rating: 4
I love this CD and whenever I play it my cat likes to sit next to the stereo.

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