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Drinkwell Big Dog


Quick Description:
Drinking fountain provides pets with an enjoyable "falling stream" of water.Free shipping does not apply to this item.

Product: Drinkwell Big Dog

Drinking Fountain provides pets with an enjoyable "falling stream" of water. Removes bad tastes and odors with extra large charcoal filter

  • Adds more oxygen for freshness
  • Easy to maintain
  • Plugs into an outlet
  • Circulation cools water naturally
  • Large capacity - holds over 2.25 Gallons (288oz.)
  • Patented free falling system
  • Free shipping does not apply to this item

Rating: 4
I'm horrible with keeping up with refilling my dogs water dish so this product has really helped me! I really like that the water stays fresh and cool. It gets so hot where I live and it's nice to know that my dog will always have fresh cool water to drink.

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