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Spring Roll


Quick Description:
It's a dog toy that plays back!

Product: Spring Roll

The Spring Roll will offer your dog hours of fun with its ergonomic hourglass shape. This toy will "spring" into action whether you toss it, bounce it, or roll it—your dog will be challenged by its erratic movements.

Product Benefits:
  • Made from durable, FDA-grade rubber
  • Machine Washable
  • Erratic movements to challenge your dog

  • Large: 7 inches tall
  • Small: 4.5 inches tall
Max's Review

My Spring Roll toy is so much fun that I can hardly contain myself when my humans start throwing it for me. Every time they throw it, it lands and bounces differently. It really keeps me on my toes because I'm never sure which way I'll have to turn to catch it. It's springy, soft, and sensational!

Rating: 5
My dog loves this toy! When you toss it, it will bounce in all kinds of crazy directions so it has been great for my hyper girl. Definitely tuckers her out.

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