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Mini Funny Bone Dog Toy


Quick Description:
Our Mini Funny Bone Dog Toy is soft and tough while being squeaky and crunchy. What more could a dog ask for?

Product: Mini Funny Bone Dog Toy

Your dog will love chewing, fetching, and cuddling with this bone! Made out of soft Berber fabric and a tough plastic shell, one end squeaks while the other end crunches. This bone’s many surfaces and sounds will keep your pooch interested, providing plenty of ways to play. Available in assorted colors; please let us surprise you with one when you order this product.

Product Benefits:

  • Perfect for teaching your doggy to fetch
  • Great for small dogs and puppies
  • A terrific source of exercise
Max's Review

This toy looks too small for a big dog like me, and I know it would be great for teaching a puppy how to fetch, but I can't help but love the little thing! It has one side that squeaks and one side that crunches, it's soft, and it has a really cool plastic shell that feels good when I chew it. Who cares if it's small . . . I'm in love!

Rating: 5
I got this for my dog as his first toy when he was a puppy. He loved it! After he got bigger I decided to throw it away, I figured he outgrew the small toy and would want bigger ones. The next morning I found the toy in my living room, he loved it so much he pulled it out of the trash in the kitchen! Needless to say, we still have the toy.

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