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CombatX Extreme Toss N Pull Dog Toy


Quick Description:
The CombatX Extreme Toss N Pull is made to last, even if you have a rough-and-tumble pup.

Product: CombatX Extreme Toss N Pull Dog Toy

The CombatX Extreme Toss N Pull is made from durable nylon fabric that can hold up against aggressive play and last, even for persistent chewers.

Product Facts:

  • Made from durable nylon
  • Contains a tennis ball and rope for added fun
  • Machine-washable

Product Benefits:

  • Durable; made for rough play
  • Floats, so water play is a snap
  • Great for fetching, chewing, and playing tug-of-war
Max's Review

When I'm looking for something to toss, tug with my human, chew, chase into the water, and fetch, this is the toy I grab. It's made of such strong material that even my roughest play sessions don't seem to bother it. It even has a rope and a tennis ball, so I feel like I get three toys in one!

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