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Urine Off LED Mini Urine Finder


Quick Description:
This LED UV black light was designed to make invisible urine deposits easy to find.

Product: Urine Off LED Mini Urine Finder

The Urine Off Mini Urine Finder light features a focused beam that reaches five to six feet, so no more getting on your hands-and-knees to search for urine! This LED-powered black light has low power usage for long battery life.

Max's Review

I have a confession to make. Once in a blue moon, I have a little urine accident in the house. It's usually when my humans leave for longer than usual and don't know I had a BIG drink before they left. They pull out this little tool, and it helps them find the spots I left on the carpet that they can't see. They clean it up, and then we go for a walk. Everybody's happy!

Rating: 5
My husband and I just moved into a new place and we were plagued by a constant smell of urine that we could not find. We bought this light and were able to find several spots where the previous owner's dog had urinated on the carpet.rnrnI highly recommend the Urine Spray as well. Once you find the Urine spot you can use the spray to eliminate the scent.

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